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  • About WeAr DigiShows
    Finally it's done. WeAr Media Group, known for its global presence and high-quality pictures of selected relevant clothing and footwear, has developed the new way to elevate your physical fashion-, footwear or/and accessory showroom into a global visible digital masterpiece. WeAr enables you to personally present via one by one digital meetings your newest collections, your USP and values to buyers and agents in a very simple and cost efficient way all over the world. Our simple execution will make it possible for you to reach your buyers more efficiently, more personally whilst still staying digitally. It combines digital with the real life. We picture your real showroom as it is in 3D and you can then guide your buyers through it whilst explaining your collection. How? Using 1-on-1 meetings as if your client was in your showroom, through your favorite video call platform. Embrace the future and start reaching out to your clients today! Contact our team on or on +44 7551 477030 for further info.
  • How will it be done?
    A senior photographer and an editorial member of our team will come to you. Together, we will discuss, select and prepare your showroom in order to select the best and most interesting highlights of your collection(s). We will put the showroom on camera, develop & re-master it digitally in our studios and give it to our in-house programmers, who programme the digital showroom for you, so you can use it in a 'plug & play' fashion. After your approval, we will put the showroom on our server and give you access and digital training.
  • Does my team or myself have to have any technical knowledge, or do we have to host datas etc.?"
    We will give a full service, producing the digital showroom, code it, host- and update it. We will give you and your team a personal training according to our agreement. You do not have to know or do anything and are in safe hands.
  • Do I have to send you garments or anything?
    No. As we do a full service, you do not have to send physical garments to our studios, as we come to you. What is valuable, however, is to give us pictures of your lookbook, linesheet or videos you currently have about your brand(s)/collection(s) to make your DigiShowroom even better.
  • I do not have lookbook pictures, what can I do?"
    We can create a lookbook for you and photograph your collection in the world-renowned WeAr still-life quality while we are in your showroom (n.b.: involves extra charges).
  • I need to update my showroom multiple times per year, how does that work?"
    Each time, typically 2-4 times a year, your showroom needs an update. Upon your request we will come to your showroom in person to do a new photo-session from scratch to deliver the update - this will be then available upon 5 working days later.
  • I do not have a nice showroom, what can I do?"
    We can take your collection to an outside place like a castle or cool loft and picture it there to give it a special image (n.b.: extra costs will occur).
  • Does WeAr DigiShows run on all devices?
    Yes, Digishows runs on mobile phones, tablets, laptops & computers; on Apple and Android and even on your 3D glasses.
  • Do I have to work with an external programme?
    Yes, you have to work with a programme that enables you to videochat. This can be zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams or any other programme. You simply dial your client and 'Screenshare' your DigiShowroom. Should you want your buyer to use this interactively at the same time as you talk to them, zoom is the best option as they can control your screen.
  • What does it cost?
    Pricing will be a monthly subscription fee but it depends on how big your showroom is and what your requirements are. Contact us now and we are happy to tailor an offer to your requirements.
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